NASM CPT 4e Revision

Essentials of Personal Fitness Training, Fourth Edition Revised

Interior design. As a favor to NASM, one of our sister business units, I revised the design of their fourth edition personal training textbook. The only direction was to modernize it and make it brighter. In production.
Info: interior, 4-color
HTML 5 Cover

An Introduction to Web Development Using HTML 5

Cover design. The author wanted a direct reference to the HTML 5 brand. I also wanted to incorporate a reference to a HTML 5-specific feature, so I used the splattered paint as a tie-in to Canvas.
Info: cover, 4-color, paperback
Jamsa Cloud Computing Cover

Cloud Computing

Cover design. The typography is light and airy to relate to the seamless nature of the cloud computing concept.
Info: cover, 4-color, paperback
Springer Zoology Text

An Introduction to Zoology

Cover and interior book design. The typography choices and bright colors are intended to promote to introductory nature of the content.
Info: cover and text, 4-color, paperback
MWS Limericks Cover

"There once was a man who played trumpet" and Other Musical Limericks

Freelance book design for The Metropolitan Wind Symphony 40th anniversary. Limericks written by group members and book created for print-on-demand through as a group fundraiser.
Info: book, 4/1-color, paperback
Hodge Cover

The Virtual Worlds Handbook: How to Use Second Life® and Other 3D Virtual Environments

The authors wanted to use a lot of low-resolution art they had created in Second Life®, but the book covers other online environments. I supplemented the art provided with generic 3D royalty-free art that was restriction-free to use.
Info: cover, 4-color, paperback
Savage Cover

An Introduction to Digital Multimedia

I wanted to depict the computer as a tool to bring flat imagery to life through multimedia. The fish is half pixelated as it jumps out of the screen into the foreground of the cover layout.
Info: cover, 4-color, paperback
Neapolitan Cover

Foundations of Algorithms, Fourth Edition

Follows the fractal theme of the last edition, but with simpler typography supporting the introductory nature of the book's content and presentation.
Info: cover, 4-color, casebound
Hickey Cover

7 Summits

The author provided a fantastic photo from one of his climbs. The summit line shown in the goggle reflection in the photo is mirrored in the typography treatment at the top.
Info: cover, 4-color, paperback
Dale Cover

Computer Science Illuminated, Fourth Edition

Editions of this title always need to be bright and engaging. The team was won over by this treatment and it received compliments from the lead author as well.
Info: cover, 4-color, casebound
Libeskind Cover

Euclidean and Transformational Geometry

The cover design features an abstract rendering of a problem outlined in the text.
Info: cover, 4-color, casebound
Schumacher Cover

Closer and Closer: Introducing Real Analysis

Magnifying glass imagery used to portray the "closer and closer" of the title.
Info: cover, 4-color, matte finish with spot gloss on glass of magnifying glass and titling, casebound
Smith Cover

Applied Data Structures with C++

Architecture is a metaphor for data structures in this cover design.
Info: cover, 4-color, paperback
Abood Interior

Pharmacy Practice and The Law, Seventh Edition

A new 2-color design for an upper-level textbook. Composed with Cyan and Blank (Cyan to be replaced on press).
Info: interior, 3-color, paperback
Alters Interior

Essential Concepts for Healthy Living, Sixth Edition

A fresh design for a new edition of this popular textbook. The request was for more modern fonts and colors as well as bolder features.
Info: interior, 4-color, paperback
Insel Interior

Nutrition, Fourth Edition

Interior redesign of this popular textbook. The previous designs were too busy with too much extraneuous imagery. The team wanted a lighter feel for this edition with more negative space. Brand new feature designs.
Info: interior, 4-color, casebound
Fertman Interior

Student-Athlete Success

1-color interior design with multiple feature list/table styles.
Info: interior, 1-color, paperback