Fondulas Strategic Research Website

Fondulas Strategic Research

Mark with "modern elegance" reminiscent of a camera lens focusing in on its subject like a researcher focusing in on his key information. The four colors in the logo carried over into the 4 main sections of the site.
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Tarascon Website


Revamp of old site that Jones & Bartlett Learning inherited from previous owners. PSD layouts only. Coding done by IT department.
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EMT-B, Tenth Edition Website

EMT-B, Tenth Edition

Based loosely on the Orange Book Series design as a while and more specifically on the cover design for EMT-B, Tenth Edition, this site is a fresh revamp of the last edition with much cleaner code.
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MobieEMS Interactive Tour

MobileEMS Interactive Tour

Interactive Flash-based site showing off the features and functionality of the MobileEMS Palm software application. Built using Palm OS emulator to screenshot various processes. Product is now unavailable.
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Crowley Home Page

Companion Site Template

Simple customizable design used for all Jones & Bartlett Learning companion websites. Quick customization with limited graphics changes. One site can be designed in 30 minutes.
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